Rilix Coaster

Developed exclusively by Rilix, the product combines software and hardware providing an incredible experience. Its system of synchronized vibration and ventilation with the game make the users feel as if they were in a real roller coaster. The use of this innovative technology made Rilix Coaster attract 7 million people in more than 15 countries around the world. Today the product is an opportunity for those looking to have their own business, being financially independent and even optimizing their existing business.

Market application

The entertainment market was conquered by Rilix Coaster by its innovative technology. With guaranteed fun for all ages the product can be explored at shopping centers, children’s buffet parties, social and corporative events, regional festivities, commercial centers, theme parks, entertainment complexes; among others.

Competitive advantages

Innovative technology, guaranteed fun for all ages, software exclusively for statistics control, light-weight, easy to transport, and low energy consumption and online maintenance - these are only few of the advantages of Rilix. With a low initial investment you can acquire your roller coaster simulator and have return on your investment in approximately six months’ time.

Virtual reality: market technology

The virtual reality market is said to be the greatest business of 2016, which made some of the biggest companies around the world – Google, Facebook, Microsoft – invest heavily in the development of this technology. It is estimated that this market will move 62 billions of US Dollars in the next few years. Can you imagine being part of this growth? With Rilix this is possible.



”It is a highly viable business if compared to other business models like a franchise in the food segment. Before investing in more simulators I evaluated other types of investments but it didn’t have such a quick return and not to mention that the capital required was much higher and the toy is sensational. The amount of people joining is very high due to the quality of the product and those who experience it once return to know other scenarios”.

Ronaldo Alexandre Lins de Lima MACEIO – AL

“The public acceptance is sensational! In five months since our toy installation in Maceio’s region, we never heard anybody who didn’t like it or said it didn’t have the same sensation as a real roller coaster. As a matter of fact, we were invited to take part in the Maceio Verao project 2016 that will happen in the months of December and January in Maceio’s seafront and after we will be in Aracaju.”


“We at the Estaçao Faz do Conta 3, are proud to be the first event house to have acquired a Rilix coaster for our children’s buffet in Rio de Janeiro. Our brand is famous for being the one to have the newest toys and this time it wasn’t different. The novelty – Roller coaster Simulator - awakens the curiosity of whomever sees it working and since the start it has been a sensation at our parties, enjoyed by adults and children. Compact and of easy installation it adapted itself well within the physical space of our house. We are waiting for novelties as the Brazilians are connected to technology in toys and entertainment.