Specialized in digital games with virtual reality, Rilix was born from a dream of two young entrepreneurs, with the ability to bring incredible experiences to thousands of people around the world. This dream gave life to Rilix Coaster Simulator roller coaster with virtual reality.

Using a total innovative technology, Rilix combined the development of software and hardware to be able to give you a 100% immersive experience. It has been in the market for three years, and Rilix Coaster is already present from north to south Brazil and in more than 15 countries around the world. More than 2 million users have already approved our experiences with virtual reality.

With every new ride, with every new scream with emotional adrenaline, we reaffirm our mission of providing incredible moments. We are a team with high performance that believes in the potential of technology to transform people’s lives through experiences and generating opportunities.

It is estimated that virtual reality will generate approximately U$35 billion dollars by 2025. This promising market has created several opportunities for Rilix, and our mission is to create opportunities for you who wish to be the owner of your own business, be independent financially or simply to share happiness.

Join us at Rilix and find an opportunity for you to be part of this promising market. Learn more about our products and business model in our opportunities page on our online shop.